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"Supernatural Wine" The Devil May Care, California, 2010 - Wine Discussion

About "Supernatural Wine" The Devil May Care, California, 2010

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(No, I don't drink this early in the morning. I'm just typing up notes from before I caught my latest cold.)

According to the website this wine is a blend crafted for Fresh and Easy, which is where I picked it up for about $7

The label and the website say nothing about the grapes, but I'm thinking a mix of Cab, Merlot, Shiraz, and possibly some Zin.

Color: A very dark blood red

Sniff test: Very lush and jammy. Blackberry, cherry, and a hint of mocha

First Impression: Tart and tangy. A little hot and rough around the edges. Very spicy. Tart cherry and a little cola on the middle back.

Breathing Room: Becomes very nice and silky with some cherry-cola flavors on the back. Up front, it's fruity and jammy, cherry, blackberry, and even some plums. The middle is hollow. It's still a little hot and rough around the edges in the finish, but in a fun way.

Verdict: A fun, easy drinking table wine.

I paired it with Episode 7x17 "Born Again Identity"

(You gotta love a snarky devil!)
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Date:March 21st, 2013 04:12 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately we don't have a Fresh and Easy nearby :(
But we do have a Grocery Outlet, which very often gets wines you'd never expect to see in a discount store... so I'm hopeful!
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